Security Sliding door Repairs and Maintenance
Have your security doors come of its cill track or a Seized roller gliding and grinding as you try to shut it close. Is your security sliding door screen fixed in place or simply won't lock or is your fly wore damaged? No problem... our mobile sliding door repair team carry all the right gear and parts necessary to complete most repair and maintenance call outs and the first time. Slide Master Aust Perth WA can repair or replace a wide range of spare parts such as locks, handles, top guides, wheel carriage, flywire, door closure, and hinges.
Sliding Door Replacement Versus Sliding Door Repair
Here are some things to keep in mind about your aluminum Security and glass sliding door when deciding on replacement versus repair.
Old sliding doors are superior to newer security sliding doors because the aluminum used is older doors is of much higher quality when milled and extruded than the more modern doors. This is obvious when the aluminum door. The steel used in the fasteners which hold the door frames together is of far higher quality in the older doors than in the newer doors, making the older doors stronger and more robust than the modern doors.
With new better design spare parts available on the market Slide Master Aust can bring back your old once a grinding door, to slide with only lig=fting a finger guaranteed! Stainless steel replacement cover tracks to replace your old flat or corrugated tracks is a must have, together with a high end 30 - 35 kg door roller as it will be less friction on your runners giving your door a much better sliding performance. Generally speaking, replacement of your sliding door is much more expensive like your repairs are in the hands while replacement costs in thousands, it is better to repair rather than replace your sliding doors. If you choose to repair, then it is important for you to feel confident in knowing that the repair is done to a high standard. This will allow you ease of operation and there won't be any problems with the work in the years ahead.
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