How to maintain your glass sliding door track and rollers to keep it in a good working order, glide your door slider all the way to the left and right to access your dope track. Scrape out the dirt like fluff and pet hair using a paintbrush then scrub the tracks with a wire brush and cleaning solution or a soft Sandpaper if needed. Vacuum the loosened dirt using an attachment with a narrow tip. Then spray a nonstick silicone lubricant to both tracks and sliding door rollers. 

Remember opening glass sliding doors should be effortless. It should be as easy as lifting a finger, if you are struggling to open your sliding door you have the following potential sliding door problems, the door rollers has cracked or has seizing up with a flat spot and is no longer rolling but gliding along the track, a flat track is even worst as no roller can survive it.
After a roller seized up the door will glide on the track forward and backward till the plastic part around the roller bearing is gone and the roller axle is directly grinding on your sliding door track making a horrible sound. If this is your door case you will need your help.!
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