How much does it cost to install a Glass Sliding door?
Glass sliding door project cost is dependant on many factors such as the material, door type, pane, and brand, the labour costs average around $65-$85 per hour and will take about between 3 and 7 hours depending on your door configuration like 2 pane, 3 pane, 4 pane or a 6 pane, the average project to install averages $650 - $2,500. This price does not include the Sliding door only the shims, silicone, aluminum angles and flats needed for the perfect installation.
How to measure for a sliding patio door
If you are replacing an existing sliding patio door on installing a new door, one of the most important steps is to correctly measure for your new door so that it will fit properly. Sliding patio doors often come in standard sizes so it shouldn't be too complicated to order a door that will fit.
Standard OX size Australia: (1.510W X 2.143H) (1.570W X 2.143H) (1.810W X 2.143H) (2.110W X 2.143H) (2.170W X 2.143H) (2.410W X 2.143H) Non-standard doors available on request.
What does OX mean? "X" is used to denote the sliding panel and "O" refers to the fixed or stationary panel, available configurations OX, OXO, OOX, OXXO, OXXXO.
To measure your glass sliding door opening for replacement, remove the wood trim or old frame first so that you can get more accurate measurements. Measure from one top corner to the other to get the width, and measure from the top corner to the bottom corner on the same side to get the height. Take 3 width measurements at different locations and average them, and 3 height measurements at different locations and average them and submit these averages to the contractor. Make sure you measure your sliding patio door from the inside, as the measurements will be more accurate.
Right-Hand vs left-hand
Right hand and left hand are therms that help determine the way in which the door will slide open.
While facing the glass sliding door, if the handle is on the left hand, then this considered a right-hand door. The right side of the door is (O) fixed and the left side (X) will slide open along the tracks. Opposites to that, if the door handle is on the right side of the door, then this is a left-hand door. The left side of the door is (O) fixed and the right side(X) will slide open along the tracks.
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