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You are probably so frustrated with your current sliding door that you think the best solution would be to replace it.
All doors we offered have a unique blend of style, creativity, and practicality gained from years of industry experience.
When it comes to a matter hardware for sliding door repair Slide Master Aust can be the best choice.
 Float glass is a sheet of glass made by floating molten glass on a bed of molten metal, typically tin, although lead and various low melting point alloys were used in the past.


Slide master Aust has its origin from an International spectrum of aluminum and glass background with more than 35 years of fine sliding door design and development in its own unique sliding door system to withstand normal natural circumstances.

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Our mission is to supply customer's demand with quality aluminium and glass products with a fair market price.

◎    Assured price and installation security
◎    Relief of company's own maintenance resources
◎    Improved old sliding door conditions
◎    Installation on time

Let's Grow

Join our experienced professionals and enjoy better installation and repairing hassle free services.


Providing sliding door repair and installation with a pocket-friendly budget. We accept all kinds of Cards, Mobile Payments through Stripe.


We understand that how much you give value to your Sliding Door Repairs a complete 1-year warranty every repairing services and also some valuable tips along with No call out free and No hidden cost.


 For all of our products and services we offer fast delivery and on time maintenance at your doorsteps.

Sustainability SERVICES

We are focused on building a long-term, sustainable relationship.


"Kobus came out to my place today to fix our glass sliding door that we'd been having problems with for months. In the end the kids couldn't even get it to open for them. I would highly recommend his services. He was very professional and now our glass door slides the best it ever has done. Thanks again"

Toni McCarthy

“Kobus came out today to fix my sliding door. His attention to details and workmanship was absolutely fantastic. Work was carried out maliciously. Now my door opens up with one finger and the price was very reasonable. I could not recommend Slide Master Australia enough. His workmanship is top notch and he really takes pride in his work. I highly recommend Slide Master Australia for any sliding door repairs. You won't be disappointed.”

Kevin Price

“Excellent same day service. Friendly, on time and very professional service. Fixed my door to slide like new at a very reasonable price. Highly recommended. Thank you!”

Tanya L’Estrelle-Adcock

"Very Prompt professional service from Kobus, he is a very pleasant gentleman to do business with. Would recommend him for all your sliding door problems”

Eric Keppie

"Kobus did a fantastic job servicing all 4 of my sliding doors. He was prompt and professional and did a thorough neat job. I would use him again, and I recommend him without reservation.

Röry Åtkinsön

Frequently Asked Questions

For any other questions feel free to call us or message us.

QUESTION: Why is my door hard to open?

Answer: Flat door track, rusted bearings, cracked rollers,

QUESTION: Why is my door grinding?

Answer: The door roller plastic is broken and the metal exle is running on the door track.

QUESTION: Why is it difficult to latch or to lock my door?

Answer: The door roller alignment is out you need to adjust them.

QUESTION: Why is my door falling off the track?

Answer: The door is not running centre on the track, the left or right shoulder of the rollers is damaged.

QUESTION: Why is the glass pulling of the door style with an opening gap?

Answer: The door top and bottom screws are stripped or regular pulling a sticky door by handle.

QUESTION: Sliding door is running very widely lose in the top channel.

Answer: The top roller guide or plastic guide is either lose or broken.

QUESTION: Can a sliding door opening direction change?

Answer: Yes

QUESTION: Can you remove or polish pet scratches on a glass door?

Answer: No you need to replace your scratch glass.

QUESTION: Can you replace a sliding door track without removing the door sill.

Answer: Yes the new track is a 404 stainless steel cover track placed over the damage one.

QUESTION: Is it possible to have all my doors with the same keys?

Answer: Yes

QUESTION: Is there stronger mesh for my fly doors I have two cats?

Answer: Yes you can use flexible paw pet mesh 6 x stronger than fly mesh.

Questions: Can you replace my sliding door window track.

Answer: No only roller and carriage available.

Question: Can an old sliding door carriage that is not available been replaced and modified?

Answer: Yes you can retro fit a new better design carriage with roller with a 404 stainless steel cover track.

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